Gallery Q is happy to present our third virtual exhibit “Building a Beautiful World One Quilt at a Time” closing March 11, 2021.

Gallery Q is excited to be presenting for the first time a show exclusively of one of a kind, locally made quilts. For your viewing pleasure, talented quilters from the world renown artists colony of Laguna Beach, California and it’s surrounding areas are sharing some of their favorite inspirational pieces. Through a generous donation, Gallery Q was able to award cash prizes to three participants. Judges picked the top 3 most artistic quilts.

1st prize        WINNER MEG MONAHAN for “Queen’s Cross”

2nd prize       WINNER DEL THOMAS for “Cactus Flower”

3rd prize       WINNER CAROL NILSEN for “Convolutions”

“Building a Beautiful World One Quilt at a Time” will be viewable virtually until March 11th, 2021 at and


Gallery Q at the Susi Q’s next exhibit will be for the artists age 55 and more. Many well known artists such as Henri Matisse, Lucian Freud and Anselm Freud produced some of their best work in these golden years. Quotes such as “Artists get braver with age. It’s liberating!” and “Age melds both wisdom and recklessness to a remarkable effect. It is a recipe for artistic dynamite“, inspired this exhibit.

“”A Recipe for Artistic Dynamite Age 55+” is our next vitual show. Applications are now being accepted. For more information go to or under Gallery Q application

Gallery Q at the Susi Q has been a part of the non-profit Laguna Beach Seniors for over 11 years. We are currently offering this opportunity to the artists at no cost as our way of showing appreciation for their wonderful artistic talents and to encourage them to continue their creative adventures during these challenging times. If you find an art piece that speaks to you, please make a purchase by contacting the artist directly through their listed e-mail.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Bill Atkins, Gallery Q Art Director & Judy Baker, Gallery Q Art Coordinator

Contact: [email protected]