Gallery Q is happy to present our fourth virtual exhibit “A Recipe for Artistic Dynamite Age 55+”. Virtual shows have allowed us to present to you not only artwork but wonderful background information about the artists, their artistic inspiration and process for each creation. This exhibit includes over 60 pieces of artwork from a wide range of mediums including coiled clay ceramics, oil and acrylic paintings, photography, stain glass, water color, blown glass chandeliers and more.


Many well known artists such as Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and Anselm Freud produced some of their best work in their golden years, age 55 and greater. Quotes such as “Artists get braver with age. It’s liberating!” and “Age melds both wisdom and recklessness to a remarkable effect. It is a recipe for artistic dynamite“, are the inspirations for this wonderful exhibit. “A Recipe for Artistic Dynamite Age 55+” is a collection from artists in this most creative period. The exhibit will be open until May 18th to share with family and friends.


Gallery Q at the Susi Q has been a part of the non-profit Laguna Beach Seniors for over 11 years. We are currently offering this opportunity to the artists at no cost as our way of showing appreciation for their wonderful artistic talents and to encourage them to continue their creative adventures during these challenging times. If you find an art piece that speaks to you, please make a purchase by contacting the artist directly through their listed e-mail.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Bill Atkins, Gallery Q Art Director & Judy Baker, Gallery Q Art Coordinator

Contact: [email protected]