John & Rebecca Barber

21062 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach, CA. 92651


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These works can be viewed by appointment at my home studio showroom

This year I celebrate 50 years blowing art glass. I have produced 12 tons of original art glass pieces a year for 50 years. This amounts to hundreds of thousands of works traveling into collections around the world. I have exhibited at the Festival of Arts for 25 years and Sawdust Art Festival for 45 years here in Laguna Beach. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept our country, commissions and art shows shut down. I took this opportunity with my wife Rebecca Barber to develop a new way to bring my glass blowing experience into paintings never seen before.  This new media is called pyrographic glass watercolor.

How It Is Made

I start with a thick sheet of French watercolor paper.  I place this on a piece of plywood in front of my glass furnace.  I gather glass and drip threads of molten hot glass over the paper, burning the dark lines and creating an image.  I then start the watercolor portion of the process.  I create my own watercolors using colored glass powder as my pigment.  This pigment has two qualities that are very special.  First, the colors are intense and vibrant. Second, these watercolors can be displayed indefinitely in direct sunlight without fading.

Eternal Sunset Triptych  38” x 18”  $ 2,500.00
Woman in a Box  30”x 38”   $3,500.00
Pole Dancers    30” x 38”     $ 3,500.00

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