Something about the paintings of Laguna Beach artist Carole Boller, gives pause, then brings pleasure, for transformation is at the heart of her work.   Each time she paints, her concept for the piece begins without a preconceived attachment to what “should be.”   She then let’s the work evolve and communicate through shadows, refracted light and color.  Intrigued by light, she intuitively reaches for opaque pigments that transform into a translucent atmosphere when juxtaposed on the canvas. “Color is my day long obsession and joy.   It washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” she quickly adds.
My quote has always been from the heart, however this past year it has taken on an deeper meaning for me as I “sheltered in place.”   The pandemic left me, as the rest of the world, in a confused state.  Faced with the hard unwanted facts, I knew to attempt my usual habit of plein air painting, was not a wise choice.  So, I brought flowers into my studio and started to paint.  The world then changed.   Color, fragrance, and life filled me the creative juices needed to sustain and push my paintings to a new level.  So far over forty paintings have been created in this series, LET’S BLOOM.   To view many of them, please visit my website

GRATEFUL-oil on canvas  12×12   $575.
PEACE-oil on canvas  10×10 $450
LOVE AND A YELLOW ROSE -oil on canvas 10×10 $450.

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