Claudia Redfern – I began guilting shortly after moving to Laguna Beach in 1973 with my husband who flew C130s with the United States Marine Corps at El Toro.  I would call myself more of a traditional quilter.  I like patterns from the 1920s.

Many of the quilts I make are a result of a friendship group I belong to in Laguna and Orange County Quilters Guild in Anaheim and Surfside Quilters Guild in San Clemente.   Most of the quilts I make today are a modern variation of an old pattern.  I like the peacefulness of sewing by machine and even more so since I recently purchased a new Bernina. The quilts I make are usually given away to family and friends to enjoy, love and use so I prefer machine piecing and quilting for the sturdiness of the quilt.   

Claudia Redfern
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Hearts for my Mother
I made this batik quilt for my mother many years ago.  I especially like sewing with batik, a tightly woven 100% cotton fabric which makes for a sturdy quilt that washes nicely.  Batik fabrics retain their bright colors over the years without fading.  This quilt was made as an exchange……nine ladies in the exchange; each lady made 7 six inch squares to exchange.  Exchanges make for interesting quilts with a wide variety of fabrics.


Postcards from Hawaii
I have always mailed postcards to family and friends from my travels.  Wouldn’t you love to receive a postcard from Hawaii with the iconic tropical scenery?  101 postcards (fabrics).  Notice the black corner photo splits/fabric holding the postcards in place.


Sea Life – Sashiko Panels
Original pattern by Kitty Pippen
This quilt was made from printed panels designed by Kitty Pippen. 
The white stitching is done using Sashiko thread.  The panels and thread are available from:

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