• Daryle Lynn Cornelison, Laguna Artist
  • My website is www.darylelynn.com.  
  • My email address is [email protected]

  • Painting is my passion now that I am retired.   I find great inspiration during my daily strolls along the Laguna Beach coastline.  My travels have provided so much beauty to explore creatively.  There is no lack of visual surprises in the landscape that become the subject of my paintings.  My husband and I love to pack up the car and head into the countryside on back roads during all types of weather and seasons.  When I see a scene that I can’t resist, my husband pulls over and I snap a photo.  I want my paintings to provide viewers with a visual experience of what I see in the landscape.  I  enjoy painting all subject matter including portraits.   It is always a joy when one of my paintings appeals to someone and they want to hang it in their home. My current fascination with sunsets is on display below….
“Cloudscape” 12×16 Original Oil $495
“Country Sunset” 12×16 Original Oil $495
“As the Sun Goes Down in Laguna” 11×14 Original Oil $495

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