Daryle Lynn Cornelison

As a young wife and mother, I took one oil painting class in Junior College years ago and I was hooked.  For 34 years, while finishing college and pursuing my career, I held tight to that tiny taste of  my inner passion for painting.  As a retired speech pathologist and special education administrator, I have now returned to the exploration of my creative side from a right brain perspective.  Now I am painting again, and finding that I still have a passion for being in the “creative zone”.  Living in Laguna Beach for 25 years has been an incredible inspiration for me.  My heart and mind are always exploring art in the beauty of God’s creation. That beauty surrounds me on the coast, across our country, and around  the world.  When I am painting, I lose track of time and just enjoy the design, light, space, and color.   
EMail     [email protected] Website  www.darylelynn.com

“Cloudscape”  12×16 Original Oil      $495.00
“A Poppin’ View of Mt. Hood”  18×24 Original Oil    $695.00

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