In 2004, my husband and I fell in love with Laguna Beach, bought a home up in Bluebird Canyon, and have met some of our closest & dearest friends. Our family visits and even attends a few of my exhibits at the Susi Q. We were attracted to this coastal town’s Mediterranean-like geography and now, we enjoy it even more, since I’ve expanded my interests to include capturing its beauty through photography, watercolor and pastel painting. It has been years since college, but Saddleback College-Emeritus classes have allowed me to exercise my artistic fingers again. I’ve found this artistic expression helps me while “quarantined” and `my classes on-line, as well as a travelogue from our cross-country RV trips.

Hope you enjoy these pieces and if you would like to see more of my work or make an offer to buy, please contact me at: [email protected].

 9X11 watercolor portrait on 120lb paper entitled:
    “Extreme MIME”    NFS
9X11 watercolor portrait on 120lb paper entitled:
    “Casual MIME”    NFS

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