Judy K Baker

Contact:[email protected]

Judy’s painting “Parking Lot Lighthouse” was selected from over 100 entries as the City Hall Choice winner in Laguna Beach’s Art That’s Small competition. Judy has painted 3×4 ft holiday palettes and a large 4′ x 16′ banner as commissioned works for the City of Laguna Beach. Each year these are show cased on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.

Judy has exhibited her work at the renowned summer Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach. She has sold a number of original works and giclee prints as well as work for custom calling cards.  Her work includes landscape, botanical, natural, portrait pieces as well as her latest abstract water adventures.

As the arts coordinator and finance manager for the Laguna Beach Community and Senior Center, Judy has found the dichotomy between her precise, mathematical self and her mid-life free-flowing artistic self to be a continuing source of both amazement and amusement. She’s truly enjoying the journey!

* HALF of all sales will be donated to support Gallery Q through the nonprofit Laguna Beach Seniors at 380 Third Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Title: Hands of the Sea
Size: 24′” wide x 30′”ht
Mixed Medium
Price: $1,200 *
Mixed medium-colored resin on board with clear acrylic painted overlay
Price: $900. *
Title: The Gift
Medium: acrylic
Size: 10″ x 10″ museum wrap
Price: $ $400. *

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