Julie Nunn

Mill Valley, and Palos Verdes, California–based  artist Julie Nunn, grew up in a family of artists. “Since I was very little, I was always creating.” says Nunn, who earned a degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in Art from University of the Pacific.

​The Los Angeles native, who attributes her late grandmother, Barbara Nunn, an acclaimed sculptor and painter, and artists such as Pablo Picasso, Juan Miró, and Vincent van Gogh, as her main inspirations, uses oils and pastels on a variety of surfaces including canvas and birch wood. “I love painting, taking photographs and sculpting out of porcelain,” adds Nunn, who is a member of the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley and Laguna Outreach for Community Arts in Laguna Beach, has exhibited work at numerous art shows in Marin. “And, being a beach kid from Southern California, I’m obsessed with the sky and ocean, and the two juxtaposing. I love bringing an emotion to my work through movement or color.”

​Nunn, affirms the sea is among one of her favorite subjects. “Being near or close to the water is very important to me, and I love having my toes in the sand” says Nunn. “ Spending a few moments at the beach with the wind at my back and hair, and walking in the sand and water is what rejuvenates me and gives me peace.  I can’t explain it, it just calls to me and I feel home.”

J  U  L  I  E   N  U  N  N  
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Title: Bolinas Ridge 
Medium Photography 
Size 12×10 
Price $500 Email [email protected]

Title Above Cuba 
Medium Photography 
Size 12×10 
Price $1000 Email [email protected]

Medium Antique Archival paper on birch wood 
Size 24×30 
Price -$2500 Email [email protected]

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