Karen Hedges

Artist’s Statement:

“Tending to plants in my garden in Bluebird Canyon is something that I do year round but during this very different year, many people took to digging their trowels into the soil. It can be frustrating to grow tomatoes along the coast with our usual morning marine layer, but this June and July were generous with the morning sun.  So staying closer to home and working in the garden with more purpose and thought, it was a joy to produce more vegetables, tomatoes in particular.  Enjoying them and sharing them with friends,  from seed to fruition, this is one of the joys that fed my soul this summer.” Contact: [email protected]


Covid 19: Home Tomato-mania Farming 
  8” x 10”   oil on canvas;   unmounted and unframed  $225

Ripening Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes 
   8” x 10”   oil on canvas;   unmounted and unframed  $225

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