My paternal grandfather was a tailor by trade, and when I was a child he taught me to sew.  I learned on his Singer sewing machine at an early age, and he would help me to make doll clothes.  When I turned 12, he bought me a Necchi sewing machine and I started making my own clothes all through high school.  I kept that machine for about 30 years, until I passed it on to my granddaughter.  I started quilting in the early 1990’s, and was immediately hooked on it.  I gave away most of the quilts I made as gifts, but do have some in my home in Laguna Beach and a few here in my cottage in the woods in Bridgton, Maine.  We generally come here just for the summer, but because of the raging Pandemic, we decided to stay here until we feel safe to fly back home.  Suffice it to say that I have a few unfinished quilts in both places, and a nice stash to use while the shops are closed.  I do love being a part of the Laguna Quilters, where I am often inspired by the creativity of my friends and talent of my friends.

Lauren Packard Quilt #1
I retired and closed my consulting business in 2004, hoping to spend
more time quilting, but the next month my Mom was diagnosed with
cancer and my life turned in a different direction. When she passed
the next year, it was difficult to find my ability to be creative and I
pretty much stopped sewing for a couple of years. Finally I decided
I needed some inspiration and went to the Road to California quilt
show where I found the pattern for Tapas that totally excited me
about collecting fabric and sewing again. I love bright colors,
especially jewel tones, and went crazy for Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I
collected a few stacks of these and then gathered the striped
fabrics over several months to coordinate and voilá, I was off.
This one was created mostly here in Maine, so I kept it here. It was
also the first time I created another quilt on the reverse side with
many of the fabrics left over from the front. It has much more of a
contemporary feel than any of my previous quilts. The funny thing is
I had cataract surgery just after I finished this quilt, and had no idea
just how dim my vision had become until I came back and looked at
this quilt. The colors were astonishingly brilliant, and I don’t know if I
would have had the nerve to make it if not for the diminished
condition of my eyesight! Now it is my favorite! It measures 54” x 72″

UNTITLED #1 front
UNTITLED #1 -back side

Lauren Packard Quilt #2 

I love the way this quilt has movement and curves, without any  curved pieces, and the batik fabrics are some of my favorite colors!  It hangs high above the fireplace at the peak of the roof in my  cottage in Maine. It measures 45” x 45″

Untitled #2

Lauren Packard Quilt #3 

This quilt is entitled “From Generation to Generation” and was made  to honor my oldest son Jeff’s Bar Mitzvah. It was fun to make, in that  it is made up entirely of triangles, which could have been set in a  multitude of different arrangements. It was my first quilt, and I  remember sitting on the floor with my daughter and son-in-law  playing with the blocks and rearranging them many times until we  came up with the design I finally selected. The label on the back is a dedication to the memory of my Grandpa Sam Goodman: “…who  long ago taught a child to sew and gave a gift to last a lifetime.” It  measures 69” x 82”


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