Linda Banks

Linda (Banks) is devoted to both the medium of watercolor and the study of the figure. She is fascinated by the 2D concerns of the paper surface and the 3D properties of the figure and the integration of these two factors. She is constantly trying to mesh a realistic figurative art with strong abstract qualities. She loves color and light and strong value patterns. Linda moved to California from Michigan. Linda taught watercolor at the University of Michigan as an adjunct assistant professor and served as Chairperson of the Michigan Watercolor Society. She has served on U of M Stamps School of Art’s Dean’s Advisory Council for over 30 years. 

Young Girl is a painting of my daughter as a child. She posed on a wooden surface in the basement, spotlighted to produce shadow behind her on the concrete wall. I’m especially proud of the simple way, I was able to depict her using such a wayward and contrary medium. That doesn’t happen often.

Young Girl, watercolor on paper, NFS

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