Linda Banks

Linda (Clark) Banks – I have been a watercolor artist for about 30 years now—time certainly flies. I still regard myself as a newbie, somehow. I returned to school as an adult to earn a BFA and an MA in painting, specifically watercolor. Since that time I have shown my work extensively. I taught watercolor briefly at the University of Michigan School of Art before moving to California in 1994. I served a term as President of the Michigan Watercolor Society, and continue to serve as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council at the Michigan (Stamps) School of Art. Somehow, I just love watercolor. I think it’s because it is so willful and has such a mind of it’s own. It’s never dull to work with—it’s always a challenge!

CONTACT: [email protected]

“Personal Vision”, Watercolor on paper, 30×17, 2020, NFS

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