My name is Maureen Killackey and am a long time resident of Laguna Beach. After I retired as a Medical/Biological Illustrator, I found a group of locals who enjoyed quilting. Even better, they enjoyed getting together and sharing their skills and supporting and encouraging each other in an atmosphere of friendship. I have found that quilting also offers a wonderful opportunity to make pieces that are both practical and the artful, useful and beautiful. And I enjoy the experience very much.


I SPY is one of the first quilts I made about 16 years ago from a pattern by Bethany Reynolds. That one was for my first grand nephew followed over the years by eight more for the rest of my grand nieces and nephews. Finally, last year I was able to make the current, and, the last one I expect, for my own grandson, Luka. The idea of the quilt is to encourage a search and identification of the various animals and objects on the blocks, making it a fun game.

It is a size 50” x 60” and quilted by Jay Seidel.


SPIDER WEB is also known as the Maple Leaf Rag, from a pattern by Sarah Fielke. I finished it in 2019 after it hung on my design wall for many months. The pattern was given but choice of everything else was the quilter’s. I planned to use all fabrics from my stash but had to cheat a few times to get just the “right” color (in my opinion). The manor in which the quilt sections needed to be assembled made it very hard to make changes along the way or even get a good idea of how they would look together. A real challenge for me! It is size 72” x 90” and quilted by Karen Miller.

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