The mission of my photography is to capture in coastal tide pools and the underwater environment, rarely seen moments in time.  The ideal here is to have an image flip from realism, photo-realism…to an abstract image imagined but very real. 

The ocean has always been an inspiring companion of mine; I am a lifelong sailor and US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner, swimmer and wave rider. Just being in the ocean stirs up a soulful feeling of joy and wonder in me. Living at the beach I look at the water as a magic mirror with all it’s reflections of light and color, above and below the surface. Looking through that magic mirror, I take my camera down under to capture and offer my experience to others in the language of tide pool photography.

I have been taking pictures in the Marine Protected Areas of Laguna Beach for about 15 years. 

My website is:  www.oberreefphotography

These images sell for $75 to $1100 depending on the size. I print on metal which requires no frame but they are ready to hang on your wall!  Please check out my website for further information on how I create my artwork and stories! 


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