Materials: Acrylic on 5×7 canvas
Subject: I am fascinated and joyful when the herds of goats come into town in Laguna Beach to tend to our hillside brush. They are a beautiful mix of color, size, ambition and gentle movement throughout the days. My hobby of painting awaits me to recommit. Our dearly departed local artist and art teacher Michael Hallinan was inspirational in the classes at the Susi Q through the city’s recreational department. He would say “at least try”, then try again!
Painting: Not For Sale


This is no masterpiece but was done in a Sandra Jones Campbell class at the Susi Q.  It was painted upside down from an old black and white photo positioned upside down as well. Done in a “wet “ field, we learned to watch and wonder what our water paints would do.

Materials: 12×16 watercolor paper
Title: “Who’s That?”
Price: Not for sale

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