I learned to sew when I was about 11 years old on my mother’s treadle pedal sewing machine. In the late 1990’s I transitioned into quilting. I have always preferred the traditional way of making a quilt using hand appliqué and hand quilting.


“Hope Blooms” is the name of this quilt and is my version of a Brenda Riddle design. The soft peaceful colors and beautiful flower blocks exemplify the tranquility we all seem to need right now to start off a hopeful new year. I made the quilt by hand appliquéing each of the 457 pieces. Each appliqué piece requires a handmade template and is then the fabric is sewn by hand with turned under edges using tiny stitches and a fine silk
thread. I also hand quilted each appliquéd block using a
combination of an echo quilt pattern and grid quilting and quilted grid lines on the borders. Some of the blocks are enhanced with embroidery. This quilt measures 46” x 46” and is made entirely of 100% cotton.


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