Verna Rollinger – I am a native Californian, born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I have lived in Laguna Beach for fifty years and raised my children here. I served as the elected city clerk in Laguna Beach for three decades and served on the city council for four years. I learned to sew while still a teenager and began quilting fifteen years ago after my retirement. I am a member of Laguna Quilters and Surfside Quilt Guild.


Millefiore (Design by Katja Marek)

This quilt is 95 x 98” and is made up entirely of 6” hexagons. Each hexagon has three to sixteen individually cut pieces. English paper piecing is the method used to construct the quilt. Each rosette/kaleidoscope is designed by the quilter. I purchased hundreds of fabrics before settling on the composition of the rosettes. This quilt top is pieced by hand with tiny stitches and required more than two years to complete.


Self Mitered Log Cabin

This pattern comes from a book called Rotary Cutting Revolution. I saw this quilt displayed in a quilt shop in Visalia, California. The blocks are created by sewing strips, dark to light, on a foundation square. The squares are cut diagonally and then sewn together with other squares, each new square containing a light and a dark triangle. I thought I would use my stash (left over fabrics) to construct this quilt but found my stash didn’t contain the necessary bright colors. A friend gave me some of her bright stash and I purchased some new fabric. This quilt measures 84 x 84”.

Garden Delights (Grey Sky Studio)

I first saw this quilt hanging in a quilt shop while visiting friends in Durango, Colorado. I was intrigued by the circular pattern made up of four log cabin squares. A sucker for beautiful floral prints, I purchased the pattern and the two required Jelly roll packs (a package of 50 separate prints cut in strips). I made the mistake of thinking this was a simple quilt and did not bother to read the directions until I was back home in Laguna. Each of the 50 prints had to be identified and given an identification sequence like 5GMC4. Then each strip had to be cut in specific lengths, identified with a letter designation like A or KK and placed in a plastic bag. White strips had to be cut in specific lengths, identified and placed in plastic bags as well. I spent a month preparing the strips and a total of 5 months making this 88 x 88” quilt.

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