I am an Artist that loves creating imaginative items, using many different kinds of mediums to achieve an ‘Enjoyable Treasure’. Painting, Threat Art, Ceramics & Photography are just a few of my favorites.   Title of my piece:    “Spirit Tree & Rocks” Medium: Coiled Ceramic Clay     Not for sale  Size: 14″ x 10″ Story about creating this piece. One of the things I enjoy most are TREES. They have such creativity & strength in their desire to live. In my travels I have admired trees from all over the world. At the top of Yellow Mountain [China] they can grow on sheetrock faced cliffs —or Angkor Wat [Cambodia] where the trees are hundreds of years old & grow out of the temple ruins -& here in the United States are the OLDEST LIVING trees on earth. They live in the Bristlecone Pine Forest & exceed 4,000 years of age. These trees are the inspiration for creating this ceramic piece. Using all white clay I hand rolled coils to use as the base, adding rocks in between the coils to give it an interesting effect.t Then I added a twisted old tree at the top. To finish the piece I applied Brown & Black Iron Oxides onto the white fired clay then wiped it off to give the tree & coils an antique look. I then added a bit of turquoise glaze as an accent into the rock forms..  There is a SURPRISE inside thispiece— I glazed the inside with a beautiful turquoise glaze—and added several colors of turquoise & blue broken glass-which melted when fired–to create a beautiful lake in the bottom. As you can look through the tree roots to see it. Sorry that you can’t see it.

“Spirit Tree & Rocks” 1 of 3 photos
“Spirit Tree & Rocks” 2 of 3 photos
“Spirit Tree & Rocks” 3 of 3 photos

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